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Collaboration and agile working are at the heart of everything we do
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I’ve spent the last decade exploring and creating in the virtual learning environment, collaborating with amazing partners around the globe to deliver brilliant results for clients and learners.

My biggest learning? That in this fast paced, technology driven world, collaboration turbo charges your learning impact.

Rebecca Kaloo, Founder

How we work

At Borough, we build collaborative teams around the best learning solution for you rather than the other way round. You will work directly with a small team, sharing ideas and insight to deliver a value creating result that connects your people, wherever they are, with a learning offer tailored to their needs.

We are skilled at working virtually with our clients. It means we can fit our collaborative work more easily into your busy schedule – which is great for you and for our environmental footprint.

In our rapidly changing world, virtual enables us to respond quickly to organizational changes and to help you do the same.

Our values

At Borough Learning we put people first – our learners, our collaborators and our wider communities.

We are passionate about the power of virtual to connect with learners where they are in their day, careers and learning journey.

We leverage virtual technology and agile working to deliver planet friendly learning solutions.

We work globally to create solutions that connect personally and locally.

We are a flexible network of passionate learning experts reimagining how a learning business can work.

Our inspiration

Our values are inspired by the Borough. At the heart of London, it is both a global meeting point and an intensely local community. This place of creativity, diversity, passion and collaboration, inspired us to create a collaborative community of virtual learning professionals with the same drive and dynamism.

Here are just some of our network of trusted partners: