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the trainers guide to going virtual

Rebecca Kaloo. 8th July 2020

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You’re a seasoned learning professional. At the top of your game. You create fantastic learning experiences, glide through conference centers and airports like you’re on castors, own the coffee area. But virtual? That’s a whole new galaxy.

Leveraging Learning to Build Back Better

Rebecca Kaloo. 6th July 2020

Image using ions to show participants connected across different devices in a virtual space

How can the lessons of disaster recovery be applied to corporate learning?

Building Back Better, with its roots in the disaster recovery effort following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, is about grasping the opportunity to recover in a way that improves physical, social, environmental and economic conditions. Building communities – and businesses – that are more resilient, equitable and thriving. As the first wave of lockdown measures begin to ease, I’ve been thinking about what building back better means for corporate learning communities and how we can deliver a step change in learning practices. For me, there are key themes around empowering learners, embedding wellbeing and increasing access to high quality resources. For all of these, technology and collaboration are the key enablers.